In finest 'Crazy Cat Lady' tradition, I have been collecting needy felines left and right for the Humane Society spay/ neuter clinic next week -- and in all humility, I have to say I'm pleased with the results so far!

One lovely ex-stray soon-to-be-ex-tomcat was extracted from a bad situation, involving a**hole human behavior and a BB gun. <deep deep scowl!> He's black with white hind toes, like he tiptoed through some fence paint... formerly known as 'Blackie,' now trying out the handle 'Crown Vic' in honor of his cop-car color scheme. He's a very affectionate fellow, and will be eminently adoptable once we take care of that whole 'tom' situation.

And in a major cat-whisperer coup, I have successfully corralled the little family of wildling felines living in my neighbor's drainpipe -- on the first try, no less! Mamacat plus three itty-bitty-kitcats are spending the night in a jumbo dog crate tonight, then moving to my chief executive rescue assistant Maria's cat-partment until Vet Day.

Mama is a small gray kitty, with a front leg that's crooked from an untreated break, sometime in her past. She is terribly shy, though she's improved in human tolerance over the last couple months. She still won't let us touch her, but will allow humans within 2-3' of the food bowl without too much out-freaking. We initially called her 'Mississippi,' because of her distinctive crookedness; but her opinion of humans warranted an H-for-M substitution -- now she's 'Hississippi'! She may become a trap-neuter-release kitty: we'll see how she does, but right now she's still pretty skittish.

Her babies -- two gray tabbies and one black -- look about 5-6 weeks old, and I've been allowed to pat one of them, once, very briefly. They're completely untouched otherwise, and share mom's view of humans; but they're young enough to tame, and I think they'll be placeable in a couple of weeks.

They are NOT happy with me right now! And there are entirely too many cats on my carport, not to mention at Maria's cat-partment.

BUT: less breeding homeless cats in our neighborhood, coming up shortly!

And hopefully more love and less misery, for the ones already in the world.

I'll post pics ASAP, when everyone is less stressed out/ less likely to mind flash photography!

If you're able, please consider donating to Faunahope to help us get these guys the medical care they need, in order to become adoptable kitties.

Thank you!



09/28/2012 12:26pm

Four cats at once is impressive! Great work!


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