Yesterday, two of my nearest dearest friends went above and beyond the call of duty: they took in Murphy-pup for the second time.

Fostering an animal in need, ONE time around, is an amazingly wonderful thing to do; twice is hero territory, if you ask me!!

Murphy was one of seven pups born to a sweet stray mom, that we've been working on placing for almost a year now. As of last month, we had mama-dog and all but two pups settled in forever-homes; Murphy and two brothers were living with Faunahope co-founder Dawn, while we tried to find them permanent homes. But they'd reached the point where they were getting too big and boisterous to be managed well together. The pups had also started bickering with each other in an escalating pattern, and clearly needed more one-on-one family time to become well-socialized and civilized canine good citizens.

I brought sweet Otto-pup home with me, to stay; and Dawn is keeping Huckleberry. We thought we had a good adoptive dad lined up for Murphy, but apartment and work issues have interfered. Once Huckle is settled into the family routine beyond the limits of the puppy-zone, Dawn can reintroduce Murphy to her dog-family in a more manageable way -- training one at a time is more feasible than civilizing two adolescents at once!

Either way, whether or not his planned placement manifests, Murphy will have a forever-home within the next couple months. But with the situation becoming more stressful daily, for both humans and pups, we desperately needed a temporary place for him to be.

Keli and Roger were kind enough to give Murphy a safe place to be, during a transitional period when he was about three months old. They have generously opened their home to him once more, and we are deeply grateful.

Thank you, Hall family! Your patience and generosity are inspiring. You don't know how much it means to us to have your help and support -- if we can do anything to make the fostering period smoother, please ask! Thank you, thank you, thank you (etc. to infinity)! :-)


kelli hall
08/13/2012 12:28am

This dog is NOT staying forever...I just want that on the record...meanwhile, Rafe took him for a walk/run today and wore him out and he is potty and kennel training at an above average level. :) He really is adorable and fun and if I didn't already have so many dogs and cats and guinea pigs I WOULD love to keep him, but he deserves better than that. He will make some one an adorable companion someday!!:)

Tanya Sitton
08/13/2012 12:54am

Duly noted, and mandatory temporary status so stipulated!!

Rafe is a future Faunahope board member; I can just feel it. :-)


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