I stopped this little guy from running into traffic today -- the canine, that is, not the human -- *he's* on his own!

Wearing a collar but no tag, this small shaggy terrier mix was headed straight for the busiest road in my neighborhood. He came to me eagerly when I got out and called to him; he's matted and very skinny, but hopefully has people who are looking for him. 

Lil' Bit is hanging with the vet overnight, while I contact local media to try to find his family. Fingers crossed, everyone!

If we can't find his folks, and you can possibly foster or adopt, please let me know! And for those of you in Southeast AR, if you know anyone looking for a lost gray-and-brown shaggy young adult male terrier mix... please do the same. :-/


12/08/2012 10:01pm

FOUND 'EM!! ... He disappeared about a month ago; just got a call from his mom's grand-daughter, saying he has been greatly missed! ... I think they're also gonna go ahead and have him neutered while he's still at the vet's, so maybe he won't be so tempted to roam. WOOHOO!! :)

12/13/2012 11:56pm

Oh, no... they weren't his people after all. :-(

They went to the vet to pick him up, but found that he only resembles their missing guy.

SO: HELP!!! This little guy urgently needs a place to be, even if it's just temporary. He's getting a bath and will be all clean and shiny and placeable -- please share with anyone you know who might be able to adopt or foster.

I'll restart the search tomorrow, with new adds and flyers; but I can't keep boarding him much longer, while I look for them...

THANKS! And cross your fingers I can find his REAL people... sigh.

12/22/2012 3:24pm

Do you have a Twitter feed? It might be useful for #lostdog networking. Best of luck finding his people!

01/21/2013 1:31am

Great idea, Roni! I'll pursue it. :-)

I'm excited to report that this sweet guy went to live with his new family today. He is surrounded by love and will never be a stray again. Congratulations to Stephanie, David, Noah, and Lyle: may your friendship with the small furry one be long and lovely! <3


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