A friend answered her door last night to bad news: a neighbor said, 'I'm so sorry but I think I saw a car hit your cat..." She went searching and found this sweet guy staggering circles in a wet ditch beside the road. 

This isn't my friend's cat; we're not sure he's someone's baby or a stray, but he needs emergency care. He's got a lot of swelling around his head, and is still bleeding some from his nose and mouth... we were afraid he wouldn't survive the night -- there aren't any emergency services here, for 4-leggeds -- but he made it through and was even trying to nuzzle and 'make biscuits' this morning, when patted!

He's at the vet's right now, and based on preliminary exam nothing seems unfixably broken -- they give him a 'greater than 50%' chance of survival, which is much more optimistic than we feared!

The down side is that he'll need x-rays and hospitalization, and those expenses add up terribly quickly. :-/

We have no overhead, no salaries, and no publicity costs: every single donation to faunahope goes directly towards animal care! No donation is too small to help -- please consider helping us get this sweet cat the medical care he needs, to survive this ordeal.

Thanks for all you do! Find us on Facebook and share widely: let's heal this cat!

"Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much." -- Helen Keller


05/06/2013 12:11pm

Good news -- the vet just called, and there's no rib fracture, internal hernia, or other lung problems, so the bleeding seems to be from soft tissue injury rather than structural damage! He does have a small nondisplaced temporal fracture on the left side of his poor head, but they didn't see any evidence of hematoma or other problems that would require surgery. Keep all fingers still crossed -- he's not out of the woods yet! -- but all things considered, that is excellent news!

05/07/2013 9:09pm

Update! He's home from the vet, with excellent TLC being administered by FH Certified Rescue Associate Sara P. He's druggy and sleepy, but purrs when patted and seems to be recovering. He hasn't been able to eat yet, since (due to the soft tissue damage to his nose) he can't smell his food -- for cat's that's a big deal.. but the vet says as long as he starts eating soon, he should make a full recovery! We're so excited to hear that prognosis! And so deeply grateful to those of you who funded his care -- we were able to cover his treatment thanks solely to donations from kind people who saw his story and wanted to help. <GROUP HUG!!> Thank you all, so very much! Good teamwork, everyone!! <3 :)


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